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Pink and purple clouds drifted in the beautiful lavender sky. The Chief of Heaven was sitting in his throne looking intensely at the two girls in front of him.
"So you know what your task is?" He asked with his sweet melodic voice.
Angelica nodded and the Chief of Heaven saw the courage and the pugnacity in her emerald green eyes. "Of course my lord, we will go to the earth and we will support the 7 Ghosts with their mission." The Chief of Heaven nodded, his hands rested in his lap while he looked closely at his most beloved angels. "Verloren is getting to much power, the problem is that I can't do anything about this and if this continues Verloren will even be to powerful for the Ghosts to overpower him and seal him truly away with the two eyes."
Tenshins cherry red eyes were twinkling from excitement,  the Chief of Heaven recognized the look in her eyes, steadfastness was written all over her face.
"We will do everything for you my lord, we will support the Ghosts and defeat Verloren even if we have to sacrifice our lives." Surprised Angelica looked at Tenshin and whispered to her friend: "What?! Sacrifice my life? That wasn't part of the plan!" Tenshin grumbled and poked hard her friend with her elbow. The Chief of Heaven chuckled, he had heard Angelica's commend. "I know you girls would do (almost) everything for me but I don't want my darlings to risk their lives." He touched both the angels their forehead with his index fingers and a bright light and energy flew through his fingers into the girls their bodies.
"I bless the both of you…now go and make me proud, show Verloren that the power of love will always overpower the power of evil." Angelica and Tenshin nodded quick, bowed for their lord and flew away. When the Chief of Heaven saw the girls dive into the ground made of clouds he sighed deeply and hoped he hadn't made a wrong decision. He had already lost a daughter, he didn't want to lose the girls who he loved the most and treated as his own daughters, to.

Angelica flew carelessly through the clouds enjoying the wind which blew through her long hair and slightly tickled the feathers on her wings. A loud laugh escaped her lips while Tenshin was yelling at her. "Oi! Angy, stop flying so carelessly! Did the idea that you could fly against something even appeared in that hollow head of yours?!" Angelica grinned and made some loopies. "Relax Tenten! We're miiiiiilesss away from the earth! Against what could I possibly flew at this height?" But suddenly something hit Angelica in her stomach and the angel gasped for air and made an oof sound. Tenshin laughed evilly and a giant smirk appeared on her face. "Told you didn't I?! But you just wouldn't listen would you…by the way, what crashed into you?" A high shriek escaped Tenshins lips when Angelica squealed and hugged something pink and fluffy. "Oh my God, oh my Gooooood! It's sooooo cute!... What is it anyway?" Tenshin rolled her eyes, she loved Angelica as she would love a sister but sometimes she just wished that that moron would be a bit smarter…but she knew that it was to much to ask. "That's a fyulong dragon of course, well not a grownup it's just a baby." Angelica rubbed her cheek against the little pink dragons fur and she had starry eyes. "I don't care what it is, it's just so cute that I wanna hold it forever!" Suddenly an other baby fyulong dragon popped up from behind Angelica and jumped on her head. "Look Tenten! An other one…oh look and there's one to…and there…and on your head…and there's a grown up dragon, guess it's their mother…oh God…" Tenshin saw the snow white face of her friend who looked terrified at something behind Tenshin. "Tenten…don't…turn…around…" Tenshin froze in her place and had to hold in a shriek when she felt a warm breeze in her neck. Slowly she turned around and was standing eye to eye with an adult dragon. Tenshin looked around and saw that more and more adult dragons appeared and they didn't look like they wanted a hug like the little ones. "G…guess mommy brought daddy along with her…" Tenshin whispered to her friend who was still holding the little pink dragons. "She didn't only bring daddy, but also the aunts…the uncles… grandparents…" Angelica said while her face turned even paler.
The girls had no clue that they were flying in a dragon colony…

It took the girls longer then they had expected to defeat the whole colony of dragons and even worse was that they had used up more then a half of their energy. Tenshin was panting and cursed in silence. "Angelica, you big moron! It's your fault that we used up so much of our precious energy! How do you expect us now to help the Ghosts to fight against Verloren?! It will take days before we regain back all of our energy!" Angelica wasn't panting like her friend, she was gasping for air and her face was even paler then when she had faced the dragons. "G…gomen (Japanese for sorry) Tenten, it's my fault…God must…be so…disappointed in me nooo…w…" The angel her emerald green eyes rolled back into their sockets, her wings stopped abruptly to flutter and she fell with high speed down to the earth. Tenshin couldn't move the first three seconds from the shock. "A…Angy…ANGY!!!" Tenshin dove and went after her friend. The wind pounded against her body, but she would defiantly NOT let Angelica crash like that into the earth, not even an angel could survive that. "A little further…" Tenshin could almost grab Angelica by her shoulders. "Just a little bit…gotcha!" She grabbed Angelica by her arms and pulled her friend up in her arms. Tenshin tried to slow down now but it was no use, the pressure was to big, her wings couldn't compare with that. "SHIT!" Yes even angels sometimes curse. Tenshin started to panic because she and Angelica fell faster and faster. What should I do?!!! She knew what she had to do, but she didn't really like it. Eventually Tenshin pulled Angelica in a protecting embrace, she wrapped her big wings around the both of them and prepared herself for the crash while she prayed that The Chief of Heaven would protect them…

In district 1:
Ayanami was busy with paperwork when Hyuuga suddenly popped up behind the Barsburg Empire's Chief of Staff. "Oh, Aya-tan! I was just looking for you, Miroku-sama wants to talk to you." Ayanami sighed irritated and ran his hand through his silver hair. "I'm busy." Hyuuga twisted his lollypop in his mouth and grinned as usual. "Yeah I know, but he said it was important and that you had to hurry." Ayanami sat abruptly up, he had already enough on his mind and even now Miroku wouldn't leave him alone. Although he was very curious about what the chairman wanted to tell him so badly. The silver haired man passed by Hyuuga whose grin got even bigger and said: "I'm curious about what is so urgent for Miroku-sama…what do you think Aya-tan?" A little grin appeared on the Chief of Staff his face and nodded while he left the room and went to Miroku's office.

Ayanami was sitting in his seat while thinking back at the conversation he had with Miroku: "You wanted to talk to me?"
"Yes, I did Ayanami-kun. I want you to take a look at this."  The chairman pointed at a scream which showed Ayanami a big area, the air was filled with ash clouds and sand was flying everywhere where it shouldn't.
"What you see is an area here in district 1, a few minutes ago I got messages from soldiers that there was a large explosion because something had fallen out of the sky." Ayanami had frowned at the last words the chairman had said.
Had fallen from the sky?
"So now you want my Black Hawks and me to investigate it, is that what you want?" A little smirk spread over Miroku's lips.
"You've always been a smart one Ayanami-kun…but I don't want you nor your Black Hawks to tell anybody else about this incident, the others don't need to know about it…for now."
And now the Chief of Staff was on his way with his ship to the area where something had fallen out of the sky. Suddenly he heard a sweet voice talk to him.
"Ayanami-sama, we've just arrived at the region." Ayanami looked up with his dark purple eyes at Kuroyuri and nodded. To his surprise he suddenly heard several people gasp and whisper words of disbelief. "Amazing…"
"Is it a dream or are my eyes playing a game with me?"
"I had never thought that I would see something like this in my life!"
Hyuuga looked grinning from the window at Ayanami, he twisted his lollypop excited in his mouth. "Aya-tan, you better come and take a look at this."
Now curious Ayanami got up from his seat and went over to the window. What could be so special that it took away everybody's breath? First the silver haired man didn't see anything else then clouds of sand and ashes, but when a strong wind blew away most of the clouds he first couldn't believe what he saw.
Than an evil grin spread on his face while he looked at the two women in the crater, the wind blew playfully in their hair and blew away tons of feathers that had came of the wings on the women their backs.
This is the first story I'm submiting on this side lol, it's about the anime 07 Ghost (Frau, Teito, Labrador and Ayanami lovers can all read this story, of course also the ones who love others ;p)
I hope you like it ^^
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^^ I'm allways happy when people ad comments :) omg you've got such a cute picture of Mikage! :D
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